Tutus and Tap Shoes


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Age Requirement  3 1/2 -5 year olds                                

Parkway Dance Specializes in introducing your little one to the wonderful world of dance!                                   

  • The Tutus and Taps Program is a 45 minute class designed for the preschooler who is getting prepared or already has experience in a group class setting.
  • Class introduces your child to Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. Dance Vocabulary and age appropriate developmental skills will be discovered. 
  • Through stimulating props, dance games and energtic music the student will be having so much fun, that they do not realize they are learning classical tap and ballet movement.
  • Then, using what they have learned perform in the June Dance Recital. Paricipation Optional.
  • Dress Code- Pink or Black Leotard, Ballet Skirts, Solid Color Tights, Pink Leather ballet Shoes,CAPEZIO BRAND STYLE DAISY
  • Black Velcro Tap Shoes - Style Theatrical, Freestyle. Can be bought at target or amazon.
  • Only $49 per month                                      

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