Dance Shopping List

 Parkway Dance believes that dressing like a dancer is an important part of the dance class experience.                    

 One would not show up at baseball practice with basketball shoes, a basketball jersey and a basketball, Right?

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Additional Fun Facts about Dress Code


Common Dress Code Blunders

1. Always wear tights! Even on warm days! Again, the catcher still has to wear all that hot catcher gear,even in the blazing sun! 

2. No bracelets, necklaces or jewelry in the classroom. Dancers dazzle enough without bling accessories!

3. Dance Shoes-  Before coming to class check, did we pack our dance bag? Again, showing up at the  at the baseball game without your glove and cleats will cause you to benched! Same situation for dance class!

4. Hair In a Ponytail or Bun- Hair is a huge distraction for dancers when turning and flipping upside down! Ouch, it even sometimes gets stepped on!

5. Names on Dance Shoes - The lone shoe left behind. Help us solve the mystery by putting a name in it

PS. Not a dress code thing, but please leave toys and stuffed animals at home.